Sun Compass

9781301302499.100x100-75 Sun Compass by Susan Egner
The long-awaited sequel to Murano Light
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Price: $3.99   
64,907 words

Published March 31, 2013   Fiction

In this sequel to Murano Light, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, Libby Ross, visits the Apostle Islands to interview world-renowned author, Bates Dodge. Unwittingly she sets off a chain of events that lead to memories of a lifetime — and romance! Ella Nogosek, Libby’s best friend, also visits and is soon attracted to Bates’ business partner and widower, John Benson. Ella and Libby join John in a travel adventure to El Rosario, Mexico, to observe the Monarch butterflies’ overwintering habitat at the conclusion of their annual migration. Along the way, Ella and John’s mutual attraction becomes open affection, and sparks fly. The whole adventure is empowering for Ella and Libby as their self-confidence increases and they gain new insights into their individual strengths and capabilities as women.

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