IROP: Irregular Operating Procedures

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IROP: Irregular Operating Procedures

by Susan Egner

Price: $3.99

Published April 17, 2015    Fiction

Casey Click, retiree turned flight attendant, had an uncanny knack for stepping into national and international crime scenes. Previous flights had involved crimes of human trafficking, a defection and an attempted murder. But on this flight, the unspoken yet persuasive powers of one passenger sent her scrambling to her friends. In support of one friend studying hypnosis, the three attended the performance of world renown magician, Jason Oh; the very man who had agitated heron a previous flight. As Casey is pulled into the investigation of unusual deaths of young women; Jason Oh reappears on the grid. Would he help or hinder their investigation with Special Agent Krahl of the FBI.

Ground Stopped!

Ground Stopped (Amazon)Ground Stopped! by Susan Egner
The thrilling sequel to Souls On Board
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Price: $3.99   76,059

Published June 30, 2013  Fiction

Flight attendant and part-time sleuth, Casey Click, finds a file left on her plane by a terrorist courier. Her suspicions aroused, Casey and her friends from Souls On Board—including Jack Soul—contact FBI Special Agent Krahl. Together, they uncover ruthless terrorists on a mission of sabotage and murder. The potential disruption to air travel means all affected flights must be Ground Stopped!