Flight into Oblivion

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Flight into Oblivion

By Susan Egner

$3.99 USD


Flight attendant Casey Click identifies clues that eventually point to key players in a politically connected human trafficking network. A compelling insight behind the scenes of human trafficking. Casey struggles to trust her own instincts rather than give in to the way things appear. With assists from her former boyfriend, Jack Soul, Casey gains valuable insights.

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  1. December 29, 2013

    Flight Into Oblivion by Susan Egner

    Just read it….. And you will begin to read the works of a remarkable American author.

    At almost 70 years old, Su Egner works each week as a commercial airline flight attendant, and in between flights, generally in an unpopulated area of an airline terminal, Su takes her laptop out of her backpack and writes the most amazing novels you are likely to find in contemporary literature.

    Her novels are available in all e-book formats from iTunes, Amazon and her website: http://www.egnerink.com/

    I knew Susan Egner all through Elementary School, Junior High School and High School. But we were never close friends. Only after I missed our 50th High School Reunion, Su sent me an e-mail and asked my advice on how to best publish her novels. Since I am not an author of novels, my only suggestion was to publish them via internet in Kindle and other e-book formats.

    So, since 2012, Su has published ten (10) of the most excellent novels I have read in contemporary fiction. I have them all on my Kindle and on my MacBook Pro.

    Su’s absolutely riveting novels are about the true nature of men and women in our contemporary society.

    While Su gives you a brilliant ‘on the edge of your seat’ mystery story, she teaches you some things you probably didn’t know, and will never forget, about the world we have created here in the United States.

    And occasionally she gives you a howl of laughter, mostly at us.

    One other thing is certain: Every one of the Susan Egner novels would be the basis for a world class motion picture film. You will never forget where she takes you.

    After you read Flight Into Oblivion, a book that reveals the reality of human trafficking in the United States, then read her novel: Scotoma.

    I did. And I was hooked for life.

    Have fun. You are about to meet the best writer in our generation. http://www.egnerink.com/

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