Beneath the Sleeping Giant

Beneath the Sleeping GiantBeneath the Sleeping Giant by Susan Egner
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Price: $3.99   77,275 words
Published by January 22, 2013   Fiction

What happens when the fabric of long-standing mutual trust and respect of two cultures — each rich in history and traditions dating back to pre-Colonial times — is at risk of being ripped apart by jealousy, greed and murder? This story takes place in Talladega, Alabama, site of NASCAR’s Talladega 500, the Annual Azalea Festival, Kymulga Cave, De Soto Caverns, and Mount Cheaha —home of the Sleeping Giant. This is also the home of people whose cultures were ordained by history to converge and who live and work side-by-side today. The aristocratic traditions of the Old South combine with the legends and traditions of the Coosa Tribe of Creek Indians to solve a murder mystery!

3 thoughts on “Beneath the Sleeping Giant

  1. Hello Mrs. Susan Enger, My name is Lisa Phillips and I was on a flight that you were an Attendant on. You and Courtney Cox, HaHa. I just had a granddaughter and was coming home from Baltimore, MD to Minneapolis.
    We had a great conversation and you told me that wrote Children’s books. Thank you and keep on writing! Lisa

  2. Su, great to see you the other day in JFK!! Thanks for the info on your books. Just downloaded all six of them, and I can’t wait to dig in.

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