IROP: Irregular Operating Procedures

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IROP: Irregular Operating Procedures

by Susan Egner

Price: $3.99

Published April 17, 2015    Fiction

Casey Click, retiree turned flight attendant, had an uncanny knack for stepping into national and international crime scenes. Previous flights had involved crimes of human trafficking, a defection and an attempted murder. But on this flight, the unspoken yet persuasive powers of one passenger sent her scrambling to her friends. In support of one friend studying hypnosis, the three attended the performance of world renown magician, Jason Oh; the very man who had agitated heron a previous flight. As Casey is pulled into the investigation of unusual deaths of young women; Jason Oh reappears on the grid. Would he help or hinder their investigation with Special Agent Krahl of the FBI.

Ben Warren


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Ben Warren

by Susan Egner

Price: $3.99

Published April 14, 2014

In the final sequel to “Murano Light,” Ben and Bates’ commitment to their values served as a beacon of light to keep their relationship from running aground. They may have briefly gone off course, but their principles—with Bates showing the way—steered them clear of disaster.

Flight into Oblivion

Cover for 'Flight into Oblivion'

Flight into Oblivion

By Susan Egner

$3.99 USD


Flight attendant Casey Click identifies clues that eventually point to key players in a politically connected human trafficking network. A compelling insight behind the scenes of human trafficking. Casey struggles to trust her own instincts rather than give in to the way things appear. With assists from her former boyfriend, Jack Soul, Casey gains valuable insights.

Ground Stopped!

Ground Stopped (Amazon)Ground Stopped! by Susan Egner
The thrilling sequel to Souls On Board
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Price: $3.99   76,059

Published June 30, 2013  Fiction

Flight attendant and part-time sleuth, Casey Click, finds a file left on her plane by a terrorist courier. Her suspicions aroused, Casey and her friends from Souls On Board—including Jack Soul—contact FBI Special Agent Krahl. Together, they uncover ruthless terrorists on a mission of sabotage and murder. The potential disruption to air travel means all affected flights must be Ground Stopped!

Sun Compass

9781301302499.100x100-75 Sun Compass by Susan Egner
The long-awaited sequel to Murano Light
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Price: $3.99   
64,907 words

Published March 31, 2013   Fiction

In this sequel to Murano Light, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter, Libby Ross, visits the Apostle Islands to interview world-renowned author, Bates Dodge. Unwittingly she sets off a chain of events that lead to memories of a lifetime — and romance! Ella Nogosek, Libby’s best friend, also visits and is soon attracted to Bates’ business partner and widower, John Benson. Ella and Libby join John in a travel adventure to El Rosario, Mexico, to observe the Monarch butterflies’ overwintering habitat at the conclusion of their annual migration. Along the way, Ella and John’s mutual attraction becomes open affection, and sparks fly. The whole adventure is empowering for Ella and Libby as their self-confidence increases and they gain new insights into their individual strengths and capabilities as women.

Beneath the Sleeping Giant

Beneath the Sleeping GiantBeneath the Sleeping Giant by Susan Egner
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Price: $3.99   77,275 words
Published by January 22, 2013   Fiction

What happens when the fabric of long-standing mutual trust and respect of two cultures — each rich in history and traditions dating back to pre-Colonial times — is at risk of being ripped apart by jealousy, greed and murder? This story takes place in Talladega, Alabama, site of NASCAR’s Talladega 500, the Annual Azalea Festival, Kymulga Cave, De Soto Caverns, and Mount Cheaha —home of the Sleeping Giant. This is also the home of people whose cultures were ordained by history to converge and who live and work side-by-side today. The aristocratic traditions of the Old South combine with the legends and traditions of the Coosa Tribe of Creek Indians to solve a murder mystery!

Out of Focus

9781301634224.100x100-75Out of Focus by Susan Egner
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Price: $3.99   95,053 words
Published December 30, 2012   Fiction

Morgan Grey photographs a prowler at her home 24 hours after her airline pilot-husband’s death. Picking up the pieces of her life, she debuts her photographic talents and features the unusual eyes of the prowler, setting off unforeseen events that expose her husband’s double life. The illusion of a perfect life gives way to the reality of a gifted artist’s celebrity — a life no longer out of focus.


Chemistry for Revenge

9781301199587.100x100-75Chemistry for Revenge by Susan Egner
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Price: $3.99  53,610 words
Published December 3, 2012    Fiction

Dave Sears and Les Coggins, top research chemists, collaborate on a pharmaceutical project so secret that even lab notes are encrypted. After clinical trials, worldwide recognition and untold wealth await the patent holders. Dave and Les held the patents, but now they are dead. Revenge is the catalyst in a formula that breaks the laws of chemistry and society: (revenge) + (manipulation)(greed) = murder!


scotoma2014Scotoma by Susan Egner 
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Price: $3.99  101,950 words
Published November 20, 2012    Fiction

Corky Allen settled into a new life as a single parent and newspaper reporter. Covering a story about the proliferation of pornography in her rural town spurred Corky to question the choices women make, trading their souls for love and security. Her journalistic quest uncovers an abusive marriage, a religious cult entrapping women, even murder. Will finding and exposing the truth rest on Corky’s shoulders?

Souls On Board

Souls On Board CoverSouls On Board by Susan Egner
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Price: $3.99  62,360 words
Published November 16, 2012    Fiction

Marketing guru Casey Click takes early retirement in hopes of traveling the world with her husband. When the economy impacts their retirement fund, Casey returns to work as a flight attendant. A bomb onboard, a coworker’s disappearance, and an attempted murder propel Casey and her friends into an adventure that goes well past the last exit to what she thought would be pleasurable excitement!